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Silk satin scarf ombre dyed and trimmed with Venice lace that resembles peacocks. Approx 11x 74

Silk and lace scarf-Peacock

  • I always feel so satisfied when my dying is a smooth transition of color, but sometimes there are small variations in color saturation. These can be one of the beautiful and unexpected effects of hand dying and are part of the process adding depth and texture.


    The methods that I use to create my silk scarves are very color fast and I make every effort to discharge as much dye as possible from them. Even though I use a very high quality, heavy weave of silk, dont be afraid to hand wash them. I recommend cool water, gentle hand washing, and line drying. Pay particular attention to the fragile lace. If you ever need to spot clean them remember silk is at its most fragile when it is wet.  Always dab wet silk and never rub, it will separate the fibers.

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