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Chrysalis - Adornments for the Shining Ones





I believe that how we adorn ourselves can mirror the beauty within us. The shroud that holds a transforming butterfly is a chrysalis. When I was a little girl, bursting with a vigorous imagination, I learned the power of the dress-up box.  A cast off length of fabric or an old brooch were the keys to bringing an imagined world into playtime.  I suppose I am still playing dress up in many ways, only now I get to create to give others those keys to transforming the mundane.

I have always been inspired by the beauty of nature, history, myths and legends. Some of the legends that fuel my imagination are of otherworldly beings that radiate  a glow from within, they are called the Shining Ones. Sometimes known as Sidhe or the faeire folk, sometimes from under the hills and sometimes from the stars. I create work for the shining ones of our world. If you nurture your spirit well, and always allow transformation, you will be lit from within. Of course, such beauty does not require jewelry, but it is a delight to create it for those who embody it.

My jewelry is inspired by a multitude of fiber and wire manipulation techniques and is composed of very fine wire, which is crocheted into a web. It is also woven with wire, gems, pearls, and beads into intricate and complex designs. My wire necklaces resemble intricate lace, inspired by historical adornments or dreams of the jewels of a fairy queen. The techniques that I use are entirely my own and I have spent nearly two decades refining my methods.


To pair with my jewelry I also dye silk scarves. I love to work with fibers, especially silk, and I am enchanted by the intricacy and wonder of lace. I ombre dye silk satin in at least two colors in acid dye and then repeat the process with rare venice lace in fiber reactive dyes. My scarves are romantic, and luxurious. I always say that wearing silk feels like a hug from an angel. They are romantic and luxurious.


My work is unique and the techniques that I use I have spent years developing by experimentation and a lot of dedication.  I truly believe I create art to wear. My hope is that the necks that are adorned with my work have moments of enchantment and find the everyday transformed.

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Alice Macdonald



There is not much so enriching in life as loosing ones self in the creation of something beautiful.  I have pursued the call of the creative force in so many facets in my life, there has never been a question in my mind that art is the path I must follow.  As a child I was enraptured by  works of art from the Renaissance to the PreRaphealites of the Victorian age and the Art Nouveau movement, especially the work of Alphonse Mucha. Equal in passion was my fascination with the history of clothing. There were never enough hours in the day to express myself  painting and drawing or sewing costumes and clothing for myself. I am a romantic to my core, and the harmony between head, heart,and hands while manifesting the imagination is one of my greatest joys in life.

The imagination needs fuel and besides a life devoted to myths and fairy tales, history and fantastic worlds nothing feeds my fancy as does nature. I grew up in South Eastern Idaho, one of the states with the most untouched wilderness. It was just a short drive from Yellowstone park but wilderness was just out the back door. Nature has been my best source for the pursuit of beauty in my art. From the curl of a flower petal to the colors of the sky, inspiration is usually just on the other side of the door. I moved to Oregon in 1999, drawn by the siren song of the sea and the quiet heart beat of the lush forest.

Before my move to the West. I received a Bachelors of Fine Arts  from Idaho State University as well as a minor in theatrical costuming. I have been an artist of many types, painter, potter, costume designer, and for the last 17 years- a jewelry and silk artist exhibiting at many art shows and galleries around the west.  Traveling to the art festivals takes me far from my nest in Eugene Oregon, but the beautiful people I meet are one of the reasons that I glow from with in. I hope to meet you someday at one of my art festivals.

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