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Alfhiem was the one of the nine legendary realms of the world tree. The land of the light elves and a place more beautiful than the Sun.  The radiance and mysterious shimmer of the stabalized mica that I used in the necklace made me dream of this otherworldly place. The crocheted wire that I used is antiqued bronze (with a silver sheen). The set includes earrings.


  • I make every effort to make each of my pieces an heirloom. I want these to last and I craft them with strength. In spite of all my efforts the wire that I use, for the most part, is very fine. To help to make sure that they remain as lovely as the day you bought it, I recommend keeping them separate from other jewelry that could tangle. I provide a box with padding.

    Should the necklace ever loose its shape dont be afraid to gently manipulate them back into a "v" shape.  If you ever feel as if the necklace needs cleaning I use an ultrasonic cleaner. (you can get one very inexpensively ). The wire that I use in the body of the necklace is non tarnish so it will not need to have any tarnish removal, but the earring or the chain could possibly tarnish a bit.

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